Blue Caves in Zakynthos

In the north of the Greek Ionian island of Zakynthos at an area called Skinari you will find the magnificent Blue Caves.

The Blue Caves are one of the islands most famous natural attractions and were discovered in 1897 by Antonio Komouto. The caves attract thousands of visitors each year and are located just below the lighthouse at Cape Skinari.

The caves owe there name to the blue waters inside them. Objects below the water appear to turn blue. This includes people who can enter the water inside the caves to swim.

The Blue Caves can only be visited by boat. The small boats like the one we went on are great as they go all the way inside the caves and some boats have glass bottoms so you can see the marine life below.

There are many boat trips to the Blue Caves which you can board at places around the island including from the Skinari Lighthouse and St Nikolas Port.

Boat trips that we have been on to the Blue caves can be found at the following websites.

Potamitis Bros

Photography By Alistair Ford